Ontario’s Worst Road's CAA Campaign 2018

Vote for Ontario’s Worst Road

CAA Annual Campaign BeginsToday

Ottawa, ON March 20, 2018 – With the first day of Spring officially here and the snow melting away, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are experiencing crater-sized potholes and bone-rattling rides. What better time to kick off Ontario’s 15th Annual Worst Roads campaign? Beginning today, CAA North & East Ontario (CAA NEO), is asking road users to voice their opinion and vote for the road they feel is in urgent need of repair.

“With approximately 3,000 roads nominated each year, the Worst Roads campaign is a significant opportunity for the public to raise awareness and help improve road infrastructure in our communities,” says Christina Hlusko, President and CEO of CAA North & East Ontario.

CAA NEO is looking to build on last year’s achievements by encouraging Ontarians in rural and urban areas alike, to cast their vote and have their voices heard. In 2017, for the North & East Ontario region, Lorne Street in Sudbury took the number one spot.

CAA remains committed to holding its Worst Roads campaign every Spring. The campaign provides a platform for Ontarians to increase road safety by helping municipal and provincial governments understand that roadway improvements are a priority for citizens, and to make the appropriate changes where they are needed.

CAA NEO provides roadside assistance to Members, along with an extensive array of travel and insurance services designed to suit the individual needs, wants and expectations of its Members.

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