First of its kind CAA study identifies Canada’s worst traffic bottlenecks

Canada’s top 20 most congested traffic bottlenecks may cover just 65 kilometres, but they collectively cost drivers over 11.5 million hours and drain an extra 22 million...

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The Surprising Origins of Santa Claus

Think Santa Claus is just a myth for kids? Think again; find out just who Old St. Nick was and why his memory still lives on to this day

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts at Your Nearest CAA Store!

Find the perfect gift for even the pickiest of people on your holiday list – and save more with your CAA Membership.

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Notice of Annual Meeting

Take notice that the annual meeting of the Members of CAA North & East Ontario will be on Friday, January 20, 2017  at 5:30pm at the Brookstreet Hotel, located at...

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Canadians Worried Roads Will Be Unsafe When Marijuana Legalized

Almost two thirds of Canadians are concerned that roads will become more dangerous with the legalization of marijuana, says a poll released by the Canadian Automobile...

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