CAA North & East Ontario Members receive exclusive discounts on passport photos at CAA Stores.

Non Members Classic Members CAA Plus Members CAA Premier Members
Print$15.00 + tax$8.50 + taxOne FREE Per YearOne FREE Per Year
Digital$20.00 + tax$12.50 + tax$10.00 + taxOne FREE Per Year
Combo$30.00 + tax$20.00 + tax$10.00 + taxOne FREE Per Year
Add Digital**$10.00 + tax$10.00 + tax$5.00 + tax$5.00 + tax

Print: 1 printed copy of a photo
Digital: 1 photo loaded on our USB stick
Combo: 1 printed copy and 1 photo loaded on our USB stick (same photo)
Add digital: Each additional photo (same or different person) loaded on the same USB where person is already paying for a digital or combo order at the same time

*We only extend the Classic Membership price to children under the age of 16
**Add Digital pricing is only available at the time of purchase of a Digital or Combo order and cannot be redeemed at a later date.