TripTiks® are customized direction maps with written driving instructions to your itinerary’s predetermined destinations within Canada and the USA. Enhanced with the assistance of a Travel Counsellor and our complementing products, our TripTiks go above and beyond directions to a destination.

TripTiks are available in print and by e-mail. We use the TripTik Travel Planner to create your custom routings. It is a program which layers the many benefits of CAA Membership over Google Maps. The combination provides the most recent geocoding, construction and travel advisory information.

TripTik Travel Planner is an on-line service that is also available for members to use 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Use it to make a TripTik route, research time and distance, plan stops or activities, book accommodations, route alternatives, save information, share, save or print all on your own. Simple drag n drop route option allows you to move the route over to different locations if you do not prefer what is suggested by the TripTik Travel Planner. TripTik Travel Planner is made up of 4 parts,

  • Directions
  • Places
  • Guides and
  • Drive Trips.

Use the Places tab to access attractions, lodging, camping and dining information found in our TourBook. Find gas station locations & info, construction, electric charging stations and much more. The Guides tab lists more than 90 destinations like our free e-books, they list all the must do’s along with a full list of locations for each. The Guides are available in PDF format and can be saved or printed at your leisure. The Drive Trips tab lists AAA’s most popular road trips and provides suggested activities and itineraries.

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CAA appreciates that many members already know the way or prefer to just hit the open road without a plan and therefore a TripTik may not be for you. We offer Maps and Mapping services to help you in a pinch or enhance the trip you have planned with TripTik Travel Planner. Contact us for more details.

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Please note TripTiks are only available for travel in Canada and the U.S.