CAA North & East Ontario has more than 200 different maps covering North America, Mexico, South America, Central America and various international countries. CAA/AAA maps are designed exclusively for members to complement our other travel products. They contain many features not found on most conventional maps including scenic routes, time and distance charts, time zones, travel tips, toll facility information, bridge and ferry information, inset city maps and border crossing information.

CAA/AAA maps are regularly updated and available in 6 different printed series formats. You may also choose to print free city maps from our Map Gallery.

  1. North American Regional Series. These maps show sections of the US and Canada and include main routes, cities, national parks and monuments, mountain areas and time zone boundaries.
  2. State and Provincial Series. Detailed state and provincial maps typically used for shorter within one state or province, plus information on highway toll facilities and scenic routes.
  3. Vicinity Series. Urban areas mapped with approach routes and thoroughfares with inset maps of popular neighbourhoods and areas.
  4. City Series. Detailed maps of cities with fully indexed street level detail showing local parks, schools, colleges, golf courses, malls etc. We offer a wide selection of City maps for our most common requested destinations.
  5. Country Series. Large sheet maps with main routes covering Canada and USA. These maps feature Capital City inset maps, Land Air and Sea Charts and Border Crossing information
  6. International Series. These maps cover main routes. CAA/AAA signature features are listed/see legend. Affiliated Club contact info listed and Inset maps of common tourist locations.

Please contact us to obtain a map


If CAA North & East Ontario does not carry the city map you wish to receive, we will provide a reasonable printed product in its place using Map gallery, Vicinity map, Tourbook, inset map or TripTik Travel Planner. You will be advised accordingly.