CAA NEO strives to engage individuals, automakers and governments in adopting practices and policies that slow the adverse impact of carbon emissions on the environment. Our balanced approach encourages preserving our environment while also maintaining personal mobility. We are constantly working to create a more sustainable business model by finding new ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Tree Planting

We have teamed up with Trees Ontario to make our communities greener by hosting free tree planting events across the region. These exhilarating and educational events bring together families, community members and volunteers, challenging them to help protect the environment and learn about the benefits of tree planting in urban spaces.

Trees Ontario is the largest not-for-profit tree planting partnership in North America. Its aim is to be able to plant 10 million trees a year by 2015. We are committed to helping them reach that goal and be a part of growing a greener tomorrow. For more information, please visit


Great Battery Round Up

The Great Battery Roundup campaign is designed to encourage motorists to recycle their derelict automotive lead-acid batteries in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Automotive batteries are made up of 10 kilograms of contaminating lead, three litres of toxic and dangerous sulfuric acid, and a plastic case. Over 98% of these materials can be recycled and made into a brand new battery. CAA NEO will collect all used automotive batteries and have them shipped to a recycling facility for processing. Additionally, CAA NEO donates all of the recycling proceeds to various environmental groups.


Bike Assist

As more and more people are moving towards a greener lifestyle, the number of cyclists taking to the roads has increased significantly. Whether you're commuting to work, running an errand or simply enjoying the ride, being stranded with a flat tire or broken chain is a hassle. That’s why we created Bike Assist – roadside assistance for your bicycle. If you run into a problem that can’t be fixed on the spot, we’ll take you and your bike to where you need to go (certain conditions apply). It’s free for current CAA Members. Click here for more information about our Bike Assist program.

CAA Ontario Bike Assist App

Cycling is a fantastic way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, but finding new routes in your area can be challenging. With our FREE CAA Ontario Bike Assist App, you’ll get access to scenic and popular trails delivered straight to your smartphone! Click here for more information or to download the app.

Watch for Bikes

We want to help keep cyclists safe on the road by encouraging drivers and cyclists to be vigilant about safety. That’s why we created the Watch for Bikes initiative in partnership with the City of Ottawa. Part of this innovative safety program includes providing drivers with a sticker they can place on their side mirror to remind them to Watch for Bikes.

Safety on the roads is everyone’s responsibility. To help reduce bicycle/vehicle collisions, make sure you following these tips:

If you’re in a motorized vehicle:

  • It is illegal to drive or park in a designated bike lane
  • Do not make a right-hand turn in front of a cyclist – assume they are travelling straight through
  • When passing a cyclist, be sure to leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the bike

If you’re on a bicycle

  • Learn the proper hand signals and always use them when turning
  • Ride single-file with other cyclists on the right side of the road
  • Always walk your bike through a crosswalk – it is illegal to ride